Cava Testing Codorniu

Last Friday we took the train one hour outside Barcelona to a cava testing with work. It was a beautiful place surrounded by nature and sound of birds. Arriving from Plaza Catalunya a Friday morning full of touristgroups and stress in metro it was really peaceful to arrive to this place. The village was called Sant Sadurni D’ anoia and it was a one hour train ride plus that we had to take a taxi 5 minutes to the cava place that was called Codorniu. I had tried this cava; Anna Codorniu before, it is possible to buy in the supermarket and I think I bought it in Sweden once.

The tour was really nice, walking in the underground in the cellars and also we went with a mini train around the area.

After the tour we went to have lunch together in one of those restaurants that is upon a hill in the middle of nowhere. It was a very beautiful view over the landscape and the lunch menu was amazingly good. I ordered grilled vegetables and got a artichoke on the side, homemade dark bread with tomato. Second plate was 4 diferrent grilled meats and a gratinated potato with cream and garlic and the dessert was homemade chocolate icecream. Everything was so tasty and you could really tell the icecream was homemade. We really had a perfect day and then we had a workparty in the evening when we came back, almost 400 people came so it was quite a lot of people but we could sit outside so it was perfect.

PS. I didnt drink 😉