Bye bye summer

2 Months ago having breakfast at our terrace in the summer heat sweating and with no air. Now the fall is finally here and its fresh and nice outside 🙂 image



Im a real fan of smoothies. When I met my boyfriend I practically lived on smoothies. He knows I like it so much he gave me a blender as I only had a handmixer which is also very good but its so much easier to blend frozen berries in a real glassblender.

Its healthy, easy and fast to prepare. Sometimes after work when Im super hungry I just mix a banana and almondmilk and its done! Then I can continue to make dinner with more energy. You can blend anything from avocados, papaya, frozen berries and mix with your favourite drink whether its soy, almondmilk, milk, water or juice. Its so easy and energizing! It also taste extra good when drinking from a marmelade glass cup 🙂