I just love chocolate and I eat or drink some form of chocolate everyday. I am a true believer that chocolate makes us happier and there is severals studies that actually proves that (Google it) + many more benefits for our health and body. I used to be very addicted to only eat dark chocolate over 70% before but now I got into a bad habit of eating milk chocolate which I know for fact is worse then dark as it contains so much more sugar. Dark chocolate also contains sugar off course but a secret to find out how you know if it is more “real” chocolate is to read on the ingredients what ingredient it contains first. If the ingredients starts with sugar and not cacao then you know that it has more sugar than actual chocolate, its very simple. The chocolate that has been my favourite for many years is Lindt 70% and it only has a few ingredients (not packed with strange chemicals) and it really taste chocolate and not so much sugar.

This picture I took in the garden of my boyfriend parents of their cacao tree and the cacaobeans (it looks like a avocado but I asure it is a chocolate tree) 😊





This morning I did a 2 minute quick peeling on my hands which now looks more glowing and feels supersoft.

I usually always mix a spoon of honey, a spoon of oliveoil and 2 spoons of sugar and then just scrub it on my fingers and hands for about 2 minutes and then rinse with water. This is really useful in the winter or when you wash your hands a lot and my hands tends to get dry very easily no matter if its summer or winter. If I have time I usually do a handmask of honey and oliveoil after and let it be for about 10 minutes but then I have to stay in the bathroom and not use my iPhone 🙈 (if not I get oil and honey everywhere).

The best thing about this peeling is that you dont have to buy a peeling as you probably have all the ingredients at home already.



When I am home visiting family and friends in Sweden we go out so many times for a “fika” which means that you have a coffee and cake and stay talking sometimes for Hours! Its a big thing in Sweden and I guess it has a lot of things to do with the weather, there is not much else to do. I just really like to sit and relax over fika and talk about everything with friends.

If I have the chance to have a freshly squeezed juice from natural ingredients I would skip the coffee. With my mum and sister we went to this café a few times that has a beautiful terrace in the middle of the city centre and all pastries are home made and they make the best fresh juices I tried. My favourite juice in this place was simply made of oranges, apple and ginger, but lots of ginger that really burns when you drink it. Its supergood and especially when you eat something really sweet on the side. Next year I will really try to wake up early and make a fresh juice before work.