When me and my best friend was living in Australia we discovered the most amazing Bananabread and was really addicted to it for a while (it was a perfect breakfast 🙈). I used to buy a package of Bananabread with walnuts almost every day and it was definitely the best banana cake I have ever tried.

The other day I found a receipe of a bananabread with frosting and baked it. The only problem was that I misunderstood what kind of bakingpan to use so it never got baked on the inside even if it was inside for almost 50 minutes. 😂 The day after I baked it again using the right baking pan and I added the frosting on the top on half of the cake but then we all agreed that I have to bake it again without the frosting. But the cake was really tasty and I think it has a lot to do with what bananas you use as they give the cake the flavour, so Canarian bananas are definitely much better than other bananas. Today it seems to be a perfect baking day as it is Raining! At home in Barcelona I used to bake bananamuffins from another receipe but I think I will use the bananabread receipe and just make muffins instead.

Here is a link to the receipe but the frosting I made was from a carrotcake receipe so it was philadephia cheese mixed with lemon, glace sugar and butter instead:



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