I just love waking up early and have breakfast, it really is the best meal of the day and also the most important to start your day with energy (at least it is for me). Here in Tenerife im getting spoiled everyday with fresh orange juice and new baked baguette and its really a big difference when you eat fresh then “readybought”.

Some people can just have a coffee and go to work and not eat anything until lunch, but times I tried to do the same or if I really did not had time to eat breakfast I noticed that my mood changed to the worse and I got “hangry” ( angry and hungry). I have also read that the people who don’t have breakfast tends to be more obese than people who regularly eats breakfast and it makes sence as when you dont eat, your body is craving for energy in forms of anything unhealthy with sugar to replace the food with. I think a consistent breakfast should have some hot drink with or without caffeine, some fruit or berries, some protein like egg, ham or cheese and some form of fat like greek yoghurt, cheese or nuts. I have a few favourite breakfasts that I really love to have with tea in the mornings:

Bananapancake with cinnamon

Greek yoghurt with sunflowerseeds, chiaseeds, turmeric, cinnamon, honey and banana or blueberries (or both)

Sandwich with goatcheese, honey and walnuts

Sandwich with tahinispread or peanutbutter and a smoothie on the side favourite breakfast on the weekend is when me and my boyfriend both are off and we cook bacon (and sometimes eggs), we bake croissants in the oven with Nutella and a teapot with english tea or a caffelatte in the coffee mashine. It’s really nice those days when you have a lot of time and you can relax and have breakfast watching Tv before you start your day 🙂




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