This year has almost gone by and it’s time to start preparing for the new year coming. I think it is very hard sometimes to focus on what I should improve or do more of in my life and instead I end up having too many things I need to focus on or do that makes me not do anything in the end. It’s so easy to decide that I will go the gym next year but for the brain it can be very confusing what that actually means as it doesn’t indicate “how much” or “how often” to go. That is why this year I need to set specific goals to be able to reach them. I believe that you need support from people around you as well and most important a “push”as a reminder sometimes what you need to do (but always in a supportive good way).

My boyfriend is a great support and is always pushing me (in a good way) to do things.

For 2017 most of my goals are related to improve myself, but then I also have goals with my boyfriend such as economical goals and other things we can do to improve our future together.

I think it’s just important to have a realistic picture of the goals and also to write them down somewhere so that they remind you.

Here is a few of my goals for 2017:

– Speak more Spanish (and improve to write)

– Go for long beachwalks (as we live so close to the beach)

– Start the gym

– Reach my weight goal and gain a few more kilos

– Increase saving account

– Improve cooking skills

– Go out more often for a fika with friends

– Do more activities with my boyfriend

I have a good feeling that 2017 will be the best year 🙂

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