I really love snacks and I probably eat more snacks than “real” food like lunch or dinner in a day. I think it’s because when I grew up we could always go to the fridge and eat whatever we wanted and as I did not eat much food when I was little (and still don’t) I ate more snacks. I probably eat 2-3 portions of snacks in a day and I always feel like my body is so used to it as it makes me feel better when I don’t eat too much at once.

I have a few favourite snacks that I like to eat between food that are pretty healthy:

– Sandwich with goatcheese and honey or marmelade (im in love with papayamarmelade for the moment that I bought here in a market in Tenerife and it has a taste almost like Swedish gingercookies)

– Fruitsalad! I love all kinds of fruit so I just mix 2 or 3 fruits that I have at home (now I am just waiting for the strawberry season that starts in January)

– Avocado with bread, sometimes I can just eat a avocado with some sea salt on top and it taste amazing on it’s own

– Dark chocolate (just a few pieces..) with tea and almonds

– Smoothie with banana and any kind of frozen berries and milk

– Coconut water and a bowl of papaya (or blueberries)

– Greek yoghurt with berries, or honey and Chiaseeds

Sometimes when I am out in the city or maybe in a shopping center and need some fast energy then my favourite snack is a smoothie with lots of fruits. I always find it hard to find healthy snacks out as most takeaway things are already prepared or very sweet, so I think a smoothie is the best option to buy and the easiest to take away. I also like to have dark chocolate with me in my bag in case I have low energy and sometimes I also bring almonds or a banana to get energy.



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