Canarian food

I really Love the food here in Tenerife and I think the tapas food is much more tasty than in Barcelona. The restaurants in Tenerife are also much more generous with the portions so you don’t have to order so much as the plates are big and also much cheaper. His mum makes amazing food and my absolute favourite is pulpo a la gallega which is octopus. I still haven’t learned how to cook it but I would love to learn how to make it, so hopefully she will cook it again before we go home (then I will write about it on the blog). This plate is not from Canarian Island as the name also tells, but for me as I always eat it when I am here I associate it with Tenerife.

The famous potatoes are called “papas arrugadas” (wrinkly potatoes) and are used from a potato called “papa bonita”(beautiful potato). They cook it with a LOT of salt and it’s like they have a little crust of salt when you eat them. Then you can eat it with the Canarian sauce called “mojo” which can be green or red depending on the ingredients. When we go to the south of Tenerife we always eat fresh fish with potatoes and mojo and it’s just delicious! I always think that it’s the best fish and potato I’ve ever tried everytime we eat.





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