I have decided to clean out my closet when we come back from our holidays. I don’t know why I always need to keep the clothes that I actually never wear, and I know I’m not gonna wear them next year either as I didn’t even wore them this year so they just take up a lot of space under the bed (under the whole bed) and in the wardrobe. We invested in two huge wardrobes so it’s not that we don’t have enough space, but still, I don’t see the point to keep clothes and shoes in there that we don’t use.

Once I was watching the Oprah show on how you know what clothes to throw out and it’s actually very simple, you just hang the clothes on the hanger in the wardrobe, but instead you hang the hangers little hook reverse (pointing at you). So, her point was that as we always take out the clothes on the hanger easily we can see what we usually wear in the wardrobe, but the clothes with the hanger reverse will probably just hang there and then we can see maybe after a month or two what clothes we have not even used, and it can be a guidance to see what you need to toss or keep.

It probably sounds silly but I get emotional when I have to throw things out or give away, because I have so much memories attached with it. For example, my black and white leggings I used to wear (a lot) when I got to know my boyfriend and when we got together so they have a special meaning for that period of time and also that he used to make a lot of fun of them 🙂 But in the end I know it’s just things, and as we buy new things we cannot keep everything.

I got so spoiled this christmas so I’m almost coming home with a whole new wardrobe so that’s why I am very excited to make everything look nice and tidy at home and be more organised for the new year. I have been trying to sell some clothes, bags and shoes on the Wallapop app but I find it very timeconsuming so I will need to find a place to give clothes away instead. I still have all the bags I bought in Australia (when I was a shopaholic) and I think they look so pretty, but if I don’t ever use them it’s much better that someone else will.



2 thoughts on “Cleanup”

  1. Hello I have also done my wardrobe as the best I can, it`s not easy in the beginning because you think to much about your clothes, but then I have realized it was so much positive for me to do this. I feel happier when I open my wardrobe and even think which clothes I really want and need when I`m out for shopping.
    Hugs from Åsa

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