Today I decided to start getting back on my healthy track so I went to the supermarket and bought a lot of healthy superfoods and even skipped the candy and chocolate shelfs (jeeej). I’m gonna stop eating candy and chemical sweets and only allow myself to eat my favourite dark chocolate instead as that I can eat with moderation (and I believe dark chocolate is a superfood). Lately my skin has been looking very tired and redish and I can’t figure out what it could be if it’s because of stress or something or maybe something that I eat? I’m pretty sure it will look and feel much better if I start to eat and drink more healthy again. In Tenerife we ate a lot of yummie seafoods, fish and avocados and I just feel so much better eating healthy and I also enjoy eating more when I know it only does good for my body.

This morning I started my “old” routine again, warm water with a half squeezed lemon and honey before breakfast. It cleanse out the toxins and waste in the body so this is a must do for me now every day. The best thing is that the skin also gets more glowing by doing this 🙂

My favourite superfoods that I like to have at home are; salmon, real greek yoghurt, chiaseeds, black grapes, papaya, kiwi, garlic, lemons, coconutoil, blueberries, walnuts, pistachos, sunflowerseeds, pumpkinseeds, eggs, almonds, oliveoil, turmeric, peppers, avocados, apples, strawberries, green tea, chicken, tahini, goatcheese, ginger, honey, goyiberries, green leafs… the list can be very long!

Todays healthy snack after breakfast and before lunch:



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