The small things

For me it has always been the small things in the day that makes me appreciate life even more. I have a small list of things that always enlights my day.

Sunsets are one of my favourite things, it’s like a beautiful painting in the sky that I could look at for hours and from now on I am very sure that our little angel Emma is painting all the pink colours in the sky.

When my boyfriend says “I love you” I always feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world and so grateful that we are together. He is just the best thing in the world ❤

Candles always create a cozy atmosphere in any room and even better with a vanilla sentence (like the ones we bought today in Ikea). There is nothing cosier then lots of lighted candles now in the winter.

Dark chocolate…

A cup of my favourite tea and watching a serie on Netflix. I love those evenings when it’s cold outside and we can just sit in our cozy sofa with lighted candles and watching movies together.

Photos, I love taking photos but also editing photos or looking at all photos I have (I probably do that a lot).

Beautiful sunset in playa de arena in Tenerife ❤



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