It’s so exciting that we are gonna do a makeover in our bedroom! The other day we went to IKEA and we found a bed that we will buy with a supercomfortable mattress. The bed is in white colour so it matches with our wardrobes and it has this supersmart thing that you just lift up the bed and you have soo much storage underneath. I love it because then we can store our clothes we don’t use by season and all our towels and bedlinens. We will also buy a white table to have underneath the TV on the wall that matches the table we have in the living room, and a new bed table and a new lamp for the roof. I think it will look amazing when it’s done 🙂 We finally bought curtains for the bedroom from La Mallorquina and I just love them, they are sandbeige/golden colour with some small stripes and they give so much life and warmth to the room. Then we have been thinking about printing a photo of probably the sunset or the farm in Tenerife and either make a big canvas painting or a big glasspainting, not sure yet what will look better above the bed. ?

Me and my boyfriend has this thing that we don’t like to buy everything at Ikea because everyone always has the same things and then it doesn’t feel very special. So I think it’s better to buy decorations and some furnitures in other stores so it doesn’t look like a complete Ikea catalogue at home 🙂 A great shop were we have bought our little designchair, bathroomfurnitures and photoframes is “Casa” which has a lot of decorations and sometimes cute furnitures. I also like “Muy Mucho” for small decorations such as flowers and teacups, and off course “Zara Home” always has beautiful things (but a little bit expensive for what it is).

Our livingroom table is from Ikea and the decorations are from Casa and Muy Mucho;




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