This morning I did a smoothie to boost my body as I think I’m getting a cold. Poor my boyfriend already got sick so yesterday I gave him a drink of hot water, half of a lemon, turmeric, cinnamon and honey and hoped it will help him a little. It boosts the immunesystem as turmeric is anti-inflammatory, but the best result is to drink it everyday and also in advance to prevent flues and colds. Turmeric is one of the best spice for almost everything so I’m gonna start adding it more in food and smoothies.

Today my boosting smoothie was made of; organic oatmilk (I usually don’t care to buy organic but this was the only one they had with oats), turmeric, cinnamon, strawberries, banana and fresh ginger. I usually make it with milk but oatmilk is a healthy option.




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