Healthy Monday

It has been a nice weekend staying at a hotel, just relaxing and eating a lot of good food. On Friday me and my boyfriend went to San Tomassino in Glories after his volleyballgame (which was very fun to watch) to eat our favourite; pasta carbonara and I tried the pasta with 4 cheeses, it’s so delicious there! Saturday we went to have dinner in La Tagliatella in Diagonal Mar, 7!cheese pizza (his favourite) and 4 staggioni, I love that with shrimps! We also ordered the focacciabread and it just taste amazing as a starter. Yesterday Sunday my parents invited us to La Malandrina in Poble Nou to have lunch but in our case it was breakfast as we hadn’t eaten anything before. It’s a Argentinian meat restaurant with huge meat plates (it’s impossible to eat it all) and the price for what you get is incredible cheap. We had a nice meat with gratinated potato and some bread with chimichurri. This morning I started again with our healthy lemon routine and a healthy breakfast to get back on track 🙂




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