Yesterday morning I went to Ikea to buy our bed. There are 2 Ikeas in Barcelona and the nearest one for us is in Badalona, so I took the metro there and then it’s more or less 10 min walk. We usually go there by car but as I had nothing to do in the day (and I can’t drive) we said I could go and order the bed so we have it delivered by Saturday 🙂 Then we can build it together on Sunday! We sold our other bed and I had tons of bags of clothes , shoes and jackets that was hiding under the bed, so I put them on the terrace thinking I should sort everything out. But, I think the best idea will be to just give everything away, and someone is gonna be super happy as there are very cute bags and dresses I bought in Australia, but I just don’t use them anymore so it’s just taking all our space. I also bought some swedish food in IKEA like “Kaviar” and of course some sweets like “Bilar” and “chokladbollar”. This morning the bed came delivered and I just went to pick up our canvas painting for the room in Mediamarkt which is very cute and better quality then I thought! I think it’s gonna look like really nice with all white furnitures and the green photo to break the contrast. Luckily we have yellow/sandbeige walls so that also gives a lot of life to the room if everything else is white.

We had a “snackparty” with my team in the evening and it was really nice. I hadn’t seen my team since October so it was nice to see everybody again. Someone had made a dish that reminds me of humus, but instead it was made of aubergine that had been smoked, really delicious. I’m gonna look for that receipe! We just had some wine, tapas and music, it was fun 🙂




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