This island is the most beautiful island I have ever visit as the nature is breathtaking. The air is more fresh and the sun is almost always shining. The landscape is very green with mountains (the highest mountain in Spain;  el Teide) and there is really all kinds of climate here. When we drive from the north to the south up in the mountains it is so high up so you actually drive through the clouds and that is really not something you see every day! I’ve been in Tenerife 6 times now and everytime I just love it more. We were lucky that could have 5 weeks of summer in the winter there and I really miss being there. People are much more friendly and kind (my opinion) then in Barcelona and it just feels like everyone loves their life. I really do understand why so many scandinavians live there a few months per year because the quality of life is so much better then if you live for example in Sweden. If you have been there I think you know what I mean.

I also love the Canarian food and I think for example all the fruits has much more taste then here in Barcelona and maybe it’s because you eat the fruit by season and not so much imported veggies and fruit. They have a lot of fresh fish and seafood selection at restaurants that is delicious but also very cheap.

These photos are from my boyfriends familys bananafarm and they have so many colourful flowers, fruit trees (avocado, papaya, oranges, starfruits etc), palmtrees and lots of bananatrees off course, imagine waking up here every day…








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