Best nachos

This weekend went superfast and it’s almost Monday already. I really wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday sometimes as weekends happens to fly away! Yesterday we went to La Maquinista which is a huge shoppingcentre and we had dinner in La Tagliatella where we ate a 4 cheese- and a 7 cheese pizza (which I have blogged about before). It really is the best pizza in Barcelona, they put a lot of cheeses and blue cheese (my favourite) and the crust is very thin just as it should be. As we were tired from Friday night we stayed home watching a new serie on Netflix and I fell asleep in the sofa. Today we took the metro to the centre and went to our favourite nacho place to have lunch, George Payne, it’s a big Irish sportsbar that has good food and a really nice atmosphere. We always eat nachos there (the best in the city) and my boyfriend is crazy about their super spicy chicken wings. The nachos is amazingly tasty with two different cheeses, guacamole, sourcream, spicy sauce and leek on top. After we just went for a coffee to wake up after the dinner 🙂 Tonight is football night and I really hope that we win!






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