Monday evening I started to do some squats at home, not many, but at least I can still feel it in my legs, and it feels great! My plan is to start the gym in two weeks so I’m starting slowly at home to get into the exercise rythm again. I haven’t exercised since last May (just before I got pregnant) so it’s gonna be tough, but I feel motivated and that is the most important. My goal is to go three times per week to pilates classes and then also do some squats, abs and powerwalking. Right now I am struggling to gain weight as I lost a few kilos after the pregnancy, but I am sure that after I start the gym I will easier gain some kilos back again. I really love pilates because it tones the body and makes you feel stronger and for me it focus on my areas of the body where I want to improve. Yesterday I went to Primark and I bought some new blue gympants and gymsweater (it always feels better to start the gym when you have something new on).




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