The lazy salad

Today I wasn’t really feeling like cooking lunch so I made a easy, but healthy salad. This salad is perfect for those days when I feel a bit lazy in general and I just want to prepare my lunch fast (not eat fast though).

I went to the supermarket and bought what I call ready cheese, which is those little cubes of cheeses with lots of herbs on, and they are already prepared (cut and all), so you just sprinkle them over the salad. As protein I had tuna and eggs (which I had already boiled yesterday to save time for today). Usually when I make a tuna salad I use ceasar dressing (that I just love) but today I just put oliveoil, balsamvinegar, salt and you can also add a bit of honey to make the dressing a bit sweet. In Spain the most common (and easy) is to buy salad leafes in a bag that has already been washed which is convenient and save a lot of time, (however I always wash the salad anyway). I love new baked baguette and I can’t resist eating it even if it may not be the healthiest in the world, and today I did pan con tomate which is tomato on a bread with oliveoil and salt, it’s so tasty and perfect to have with a salad.




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