Find your balance

My food philosophy is that we can eat or drink anything we want, but, always in moderation! I believe moderation is the key to stay healthy and keep a balance of what you eat daily. I really love dark chocolate so I always have a Lindt package at home (my favourite), but even though I love it so much, I don’t eat the whole package of 100 grams per day because I know it’s not healthy (even though dark chocolate is healthy). I eat chocolate in moderation, like 2-3 pieces per day and my body feels good about that. I also don’t overconsume caffeine as I know the times I’ve done that I didn’t feel good at all, so 2 cups of coffee per day for me works fine, but preferable not more.

I love to be able to eat everything, meat, fish, seafood, white sugar, white bread without having any restrictions. Restrictions really doesn’t work for me so no point that I start to create them, I prefer to create a balance that is healthy instead. If there is anything that makes me feel bad, I cut down on it off course and see if that works before I exclude anything from my diet. My goal is always to eat accordingly to the 80/20 rule, if I eat 80% healthy in a day I am happy with that. And I strongly believe that we should allow ourselves indulgence in moderation to feel happy and balanced, being hard on ourselfs or too strict with food doesn’t make you feel healthier at all. I think as long as we are aware what we put into our body and how it affects our body and mind we can easier live healthier.




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