Good morning! Yesterday we had a lovely day driving from Germany to Innsbruck in Austria. It was about 64 km drive but as the way goes through the mountains it takes about one hour or more to get there. As we were living so close by we thought why not visit another country too 🙂

The center of Innsbruck was beautiful and when we arrived luckily the sun was shining but then it started to rain. We were walking around the old town and the houses were colourful and the view with snowy mountains in the background was just amazing. We stopped for lunch directly (as we arrived a bit late), and I tried onionsoup with garlicbread and nachos.

Something we noticed was that almost everyone was walking around eating icecreams, so even though we thought it was a bit cold and it was raining a little, maybe for them this was one of the warmest day in a long time 🙂

One tourist thing we did was walking up to the city view tower, 280 stair steps to go up and down but the view was really amazing and we saw the famous golden balcony (that we had read about on tripadvisor).






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