Good morning Sunday! The weather looks as beautiful as yesterday but I am not sure what we are gonna do today? I’ve been up early fixing a little in the flat and soon I’m gonna prepare our Sunday bacon breakfast as we always have on weekends. I love bacon, egg and fresh baguette on weekends, and some nutella on the side 🙂

Friday evening we went to my boyfriend’s friends house and had a chill sushi night. They made all the sushi themselves and it was tasty and beautiful decorated 🙂


Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to the beach after breakfast as the weather was really lovely, spring- but almost a little summerfeeling as well. We walked so much, all the way from home down to the beach, we walked all the beachway and to Maremagnum (the shopping center) so yes we got a lot of exercise! We stopped for lunch at the beach at the organic wokplace and had a greencurry spicy chicken wok with coconut milk. It was a supernice day and it was around 20 degrees so most people had no jackets and people were in bikinis taking sun at the beach. It really feels like the summer is gonna be here in no time 🙂




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