Things I am into right now

Converse shoes; after the winter it’s always nice to wear sneakers again and I love my blue and white converse shoes, they are comfortable and match with so many outfits. I especially love white converse, they are timeless sneakers and match with everything without looking too sporty.



Coconut oil; I use it for almost everything, in smoothies, as frying oil, as face- and hairmask, as makeup remover and for so many other things. It’s superhealthy and so convenient to have at home and also works for both baking and cooking.



Salads; Everyone knows how healthy it is to eat greeny leafes but not everyone likes salad a lot, (I used to be one of them). Now I eat more salad then ever due to that I started to mix different cheeses, dried fruits, nuts and dressings to mix a tasty salad that is not only healthy but that actually has a lot of calories that makes you feel full.



Squats; there is a 9 minute video I like from youtube and it’s so easy to do at home. I also downloaded a app with a 30 day squat challenge so I can easily follow how many squats to do per day. It’s almost summer so time to start the challenge tomorrow 😉


Take away coffee/tea mug; I love those take away mugs so you can prepare your coffee or tea at home and take it with you to work or to the beach maybe 🙂



Beachwalks; living so close to the beach and with this nice weather it’s time to start powerwalking again 🙂


Nuts; for the moment I am very addicted to pistachios, which is really good because they are superhealthy and contains a lot of iron and antioxidants!



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