It’s so nice to wake up a Sunday morning and opening up the terrace and it’s super sunny today! The sky is really clearblue and I can clearly see Tibidabo today 🙂 Friday and Saturday were really grey and it rained a lot, exactly the same as last weekend! The weather has been a bit crazy here lately but well it’s normal for March/April in Bcn. At least today it’s super sunny so we can enjoy this beautiful day before the workweek starts again, and I am happy I can hang out the laundry 🙂

Yesterday me and my boyfriend tried to book a spa because of the bad weather, but they never replied so maybe they were already fully booked, so we will try to book it for this week instead to go a day after work. But we went out for dinner in the centre, it’s a place that you pick “pinchos” in the bar and you pay later how many toothpicks you have. I’ve always wanted to try that place before, (they even have oysters) and my boyfriend had been there before so he got to choose the place. My favourite pincho was the one with salmon, onion and capers (which I took three times) 🙂 They also came with warm pinchos, and I tried fried goatcheese with marmelade, also one of my favourite combinations.

We ended the evening with a coffee and coconutball in a cozy coffeeshop called Caelum, it’s a bit hidden (so a bit hard to find even for me).





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