The other day me and my boyfriend went to a spa at a ****hotel to “destress” a little. We have been staying at this hotel before so we knew the spa was good when we bought it, and it was only 19 euro for 2 buying it online! It’s a nice way to relax the body and mind a little in between stressful days 🙂 Just when I entered the spa I already felt so relaxed as the smell of the pools hit my face and the hammam minth smell that I just love made me feel so relaxed!

The spa is really good, they have “stonewalking”, nordic icebath, a session of different showers and pressures of water that you have to walk through, iceroom, hammam sauna and regular sauna, a pool with masagebeds under water and jacuzzis, and then jacuzziz on the side and sunbeds and a dark relaxroom with hot massagebeds. My boyfriend spotted a former FC Barcelona player in the spa so that was also fun 🙂

When we walked home I was sooo relaxed in my body and had to hydrate myself with a frozen yoghurt! And off course when you are feeling so relaxed you don’t really feel like cooking so my boyfriend ordered my favourite: sushi!





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