Tapas night

Yesterday evening my sister and her boyfriend came to visit us in lovely Barcelona so we decided to go out and have tapas at their favourite tapas place; Cerveceria Catalana. Our meeting point was Gaudis house-Casa Batllo (easy to find) and as it is Sant Jordi on Sunday they had decorated the building with lots of red roses, it was really beautiful and lots of people around taking pictures.


We used to eat in this tapas place a lot in the past, my family really loves the tapas they have, (I also have one of my favourite tapas in there: fried camembert on a stick covered in peanuts and marmelade), but even though it is a big place, the waiting time to get a table is always one hour (at least), so you can imagine how touristic the place really is. The lady told us it will take one hour to get a table, but in the end it almost took two hours! We were just waiting and waiting and even though I thought time went really fast it was relieving when they finally gave us a table as we were starving 🙂 We had fried chocos, patatas bravas, camembert, escalivada with goatcheese, montaditos with crab and some other salads. I think it’s a good place to try a little bit of everything without spending too much and the atmosphere is cozy. Also a plus is that they close 01.30 so as we started eating around 23 we didn’t had to eat in a hurry 🙂



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