Yesterday we had a second tapas night and we went to Gracia which is a cute and hipp area in BCN. First we did a little tour as all shops close at 22 so I showed my favourite little “rasberryplaces” from when I used to live there but a lot has also changed so we discovered a lot of new things. We found a pinchos bar in Calle Verdi that was supercrowded but we were lucky and found 3 seats in the bar. The place was really simple with loud cuban music but with good tapas and nice service. I tried chicken skewers with guacamole and yoghurt sauce, hot shrimp with tahini sauce and grilled artichoke, patatas bravas with superspicy sauce and smoked salmon with peppers, it was all supergood. We sat there a few hours eating and had the idea to go for a icrecream as dessert but we just couldn’t eat anything else so we just walked back to the centre and had a walk to El Nacional, but it was soo crowded so we didn’t stay there. I was so sleepy so I took a taxi home and watched some TV 🙂



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