Sunday was such a nice afternoon spent in Castelldefels at the beach. My second day at the beach so far this year and even with sunfactor 30 I got a bit sunburned so I had to “cover” it with make-up 🙂 We had lunch with some friends in a beachbar and just relaxed and talked, had icecream and got tanned, really nice day 🙂

My salad was so good; goatcheese with honeyoil and it was served with blueberries and raspberries, so yummie and fresh. It gave me an idea to start make salads with berries, (not just strawberries) but blueberries really fit good with honey and salad, and not to mention raspberries and goatcheese. The others had paella which looked amazing and my boyfriend had fried squids which was supertasty with lemon..Castelldefels beach is so beautiful and so calm compared to Barcelona, I think maybe due to there is much more “space” as the sand is “wider” and with the mountain in the background it just looks very exotic.




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