So the other day we went to Ikea after work with some friends to have a “look” only, but then we ended up buying this cute little white night table that just fits perfect with our bed and the light colours of the room. The bedroom is now more complete, but we are still thinking of buying another night table (if we have space) and also the bigger glasstable to have under the TV on the wall. We just have some measuring to do 🙂

I really love Ikea and I feel just like home when I walk around in the store. I get crazy many ideas in there and I think they are really the best on combining all their products, or like how to combine everything smart.

Since I live abroad my favourite part of IKEA is actually the food part and not the furnitures 🙂 After a stop in the hotdog canteen we bought some nice Swedish cakes and candy with us home; the famous cinnamonrolls, chocolateballs, also bought meatballs (perfect to have in the freezer when you don’t know what to cook) and one of my absolute favourites; almond cake! It’s also perfect to have in the freezer and especially if you have visits:)





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