It’s almost time to get ready for the summer and as always in Barcelona it gets extremely hot during the summer months, so I have a few simple tips on how to stay hydrated that I wanted to share…

My favourite summer treats;

Frozen yoghurt with strawberries and kiwi;  it’s not the most healthy but it is probably a little bit healthier then icecream + you can choose to have it with fresh fruits that also hydrates the body for example kiwi that contains a lot of water and vitamin C (supergood for the skin as well).

Pinapple and watermelon; it’s super hydrating and it’s good to have it prepared in portions in a tupperware in the fridge (ready to go) so you can bring it to work or to the beach.

Banana icecream; cut a banana or two in pieces and leave it in a tupperware in the freezer, and when it’s frozen or “half frozen” take it out and put it in a mixer or blender and you can make your own healthy banana icecream.

Ice cafe latte; just pour a few icecubes in your afternoon coffee, (or if you do have a shaker even better) and this way it’s more refreshing to get your daily caffeine. The ideal is to mix the ice with the coffee in a blender to get it smooth, but if you don’t have the time icecubes works just fine.

Grapes; put green or blue grapes in a plastic box in the freezer and have as afternoon snack for those days when it’s just too hot outside. I promise it will be your favourite summer snack, cold and sweet 🙂

Coconut water; they do sell it in more shops now than before so it’s easy to find (even in a regular supermarket, and even in Lidl!), it contains a lot of potassium as well so it is the perfect summer drink to get extra hydrated and recovered if you maybe do some sports or just have been too long in the sun.

Favourite routine of staying fresh;

Drinking plenty of water every day (keep a bottle with you so you are aware how much water you drink every day)! I usually try to drink my 8 glasses of water but in the summer I tend to drink more iceteas and juices or other cold drinks but water is definitely more hydrating then any other sugary drinks. You can also put some slices of lemon or cucumber to get a nice taste of the water.

Washing your face with icecold water in the morning and ending the shower with one minute of cold water, (especially good for the hair to get shiny). (I only do this is in the summer though).

Having baby wipes in your bag as they are actually useful for everything and they also have a better smell than regular wipes , (I use them for my face, neck and hands when I feel sticky or just sweaty.)

C-vitamin spray for the face; (I love the Vitamin C spray from Body Shop), the best is to keep it cold before you put it in your bag so when you are at the metro or at the beach you can spray it in your face and get that fresh feeling! I feel that it also gives some kind of glow to the face 🙂

Victoria secret body spray; I love the coconut one I have as it gives me summerfeelings (I use it all year around). The body spray is a bit “lighter” than perfume and easy to take with you in your bag.

Bringing a parasol to the beach (is necessary at least for me). I love being on the beach but there always comes a moment when I think the sun is too strong and it’s just too hot, and if you don’t wanna go home it’s better to bring a parasol with you so you can stay all day at the beach but without getting too much sun:)

Use a abanico; I do feel like a typical older Spanish lady using this kind of fan, but I have to say that they really work and I think they look kind of cute, so this year I will definitely buy one in a nice summer colour.



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