Lloret De Mar

On Sunday morning we drove about 40-50 minutes away to Lloret De Mar, a beachtown in Costa Brava. We had booked a hotel for a night there to have a miniholiday from the city. The hotel was just located by the beach (a 4star with halfboard included), and it looked really nice and fresh and new on the photos when we booked it, but when we went there, it was really over my expectations! It was just so cute! Nice decorations, very modern with navyblue and white colours, and the pool and the roofpool was amazing.

We stayed by the pool and in the sunbeds all afternoon and we were very lucky with the weather (as they had promised it would rain) but it was sunny most of the time and just a few clouds now and then. We walked around in Lloret de Mar by the beach and had dinner at the hotel in the evening, supernice buffet with too much to choose from and not to talk about the desserts 🙂 We ended the night with a drink by the pool and had a little walk in the centre and it was so much people out. It’s so nice to feel like a tourist for a day and re-charge your batteries for the week coming 🙂 (And the breakfast buffet was off course amazing!)



A friend of mine is visiting so we had a little sushidinner at home whilst watching the champions league final at home drinking wine and talking. We haven’t met since two years ago I think! So we had a lot to talk about 🙂 We got a sweet present from Sweden, candy!

imageimageAfter the game we all went to the center for a drink and that bar was very nice, don’t remember the name..but they have pens and papers that you can write your wishes on and put on the wall (so you can imagine it is full of wishes) 🙂