So I’m really hoping that I will gain some weight on this holiday as the scale showed 47 kilos last week and that is really way to little. Before my pregnancy I was at least 52 kilos and I even then I thought that was too little, and then after the pregnancy I went down to 49, but I really don’t understand how I can go so low to 47? I am thinking it could be two things that stops me from gaining weight; one is that I may have too little iron again and I will definitely go and check that when I come back, and second, they say that grief can really mess up your metabolism and I think that is definitely true. I am starting to get a bit frustrated as I feel like I eat whatever I want and I still don’t gain a extra kilo. At the same time I’m trying to stay patient as I think stressing about it too much can also stop me from gaining weight. My goal is to weight 50 kilos before August and hopefully 52 in September. In Tenerife we eat so good food and a lot of bread so I hope the bread makes me gain weight at least 🙂