The other day I went to the hairdresser to just cut my splits (which is now my new favourite hairdresser here in Barcelona). It was my second time there and this time I was also able to enjoy their massagechair whilst getting schampooed (as last time I chose to skip the massage due to I was pregnant). The massagechair gives a relaxing back and leg massage and at the same time it does aromatherapy with different colours whilst you listen to sounds of the nature. It ‘s so relaxing and it actually feels more like you are in a massageplace then at the hairdresser :). The girls working there are incredible attentive and kind, and ask all the time if you need anything, another magazine, a coffee, and it’s not very common with so good service in Barcelona. As my hair tends to get very dry I decided to try their treatments, one with protein and one to hydrate, so first they massaged the products into my hair for a long time and then they put a heat treatment for about 20 minutes. When she washed out the masks she did another headmassage before she cut the hair. After the cut you can choose if you want to have curls or straight hair or anything else and they style it for you. So for the second time as my hair is super straight I chose curls again and they make it so beautiful. In the end it was a bit expensive but it was really worth it 🙂