Face and Hair

The other day I tried something new for my hair at the hairdresser. It’s called “botox capilar” and it’s kind of a “vitamin/collagen/protein/ hair boost treatment” to make the hair thicker, stronger, increase the volume and repair the hair. It has nothing to do with botox but I guess they call it that because the treatment also rejuvenates the hair. I have to say that my hair actually got much better after the treatment (even though my hair is not much thicker) but after I showered it was so much easier to brush it even without using a conditioner. I can definitely feel the difference myself so I am very happy with the treatment and would definitely like to do one every third month (as they recommend) if it would be possible 🙂

I have also bought a few new products to invest in my skin a bit more since the sun and the cold air has made my skin very dry lately and now when the winter is here I think it’s time to boost it a little. To start with I bought a facemask from bodyshop that I have to say is amazing, it’s called “himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask” (long name) but it really works for my skin even though it actually is a bit burning when I use it and my skin gets a bit red, but the day after it does look a bit more “glowing” just like they promise 🙂 I also bought a face mist from body shop called “C-vitamin” and it’s very useful to just spray a little on the face when it feels dry, especially when you’ve been travelling or spent too much time in front of the laptop, it kind of energizes the skin. Another product I really love is “bio-oil” and it’s very easy to use both on face and body and it actually “reduces” sunmarks etc if you use it everyday for a few months, so I just started to use it for the sunmarks I got in my face when I was pregnant (I got a lot) and hopefully they will be less visible after I use this oil for a while. My last favourite thing is a tea tree oil stick to use when I get spots and it actually take less days to take the spots away with the tea tree oil 🙂 I’m really happy with these new products and it feels good to have some new products that really seems to work for my skin, but, my favourites are still coconout oil, almond oil and the blue nivea creme (that I’ve been using since I was 10) and I also think that good products are not always the most expensive ones 🙂






It’s almost time to get ready for the summer and as always in Barcelona it gets extremely hot during the summer months, so I have a few simple tips on how to stay hydrated that I wanted to share…

My favourite summer treats;

Frozen yoghurt with strawberries and kiwi;  it’s not the most healthy but it is probably a little bit healthier then icecream + you can choose to have it with fresh fruits that also hydrates the body for example kiwi that contains a lot of water and vitamin C (supergood for the skin as well).

Pinapple and watermelon; it’s super hydrating and it’s good to have it prepared in portions in a tupperware in the fridge (ready to go) so you can bring it to work or to the beach.

Banana icecream; cut a banana or two in pieces and leave it in a tupperware in the freezer, and when it’s frozen or “half frozen” take it out and put it in a mixer or blender and you can make your own healthy banana icecream.

Ice cafe latte; just pour a few icecubes in your afternoon coffee, (or if you do have a shaker even better) and this way it’s more refreshing to get your daily caffeine. The ideal is to mix the ice with the coffee in a blender to get it smooth, but if you don’t have the time icecubes works just fine.

Grapes; put green or blue grapes in a plastic box in the freezer and have as afternoon snack for those days when it’s just too hot outside. I promise it will be your favourite summer snack, cold and sweet 🙂

Coconut water; they do sell it in more shops now than before so it’s easy to find (even in a regular supermarket, and even in Lidl!), it contains a lot of potassium as well so it is the perfect summer drink to get extra hydrated and recovered if you maybe do some sports or just have been too long in the sun.

Favourite routine of staying fresh;

Drinking plenty of water every day (keep a bottle with you so you are aware how much water you drink every day)! I usually try to drink my 8 glasses of water but in the summer I tend to drink more iceteas and juices or other cold drinks but water is definitely more hydrating then any other sugary drinks. You can also put some slices of lemon or cucumber to get a nice taste of the water.

Washing your face with icecold water in the morning and ending the shower with one minute of cold water, (especially good for the hair to get shiny). (I only do this is in the summer though).

Having baby wipes in your bag as they are actually useful for everything and they also have a better smell than regular wipes , (I use them for my face, neck and hands when I feel sticky or just sweaty.)

C-vitamin spray for the face; (I love the Vitamin C spray from Body Shop), the best is to keep it cold before you put it in your bag so when you are at the metro or at the beach you can spray it in your face and get that fresh feeling! I feel that it also gives some kind of glow to the face 🙂

Victoria secret body spray; I love the coconut one I have as it gives me summerfeelings (I use it all year around). The body spray is a bit “lighter” than perfume and easy to take with you in your bag.

Bringing a parasol to the beach (is necessary at least for me). I love being on the beach but there always comes a moment when I think the sun is too strong and it’s just too hot, and if you don’t wanna go home it’s better to bring a parasol with you so you can stay all day at the beach but without getting too much sun:)

Use a abanico; I do feel like a typical older Spanish lady using this kind of fan, but I have to say that they really work and I think they look kind of cute, so this year I will definitely buy one in a nice summer colour.



I love this shirt. It feels like flowers are coming back and I love all flowery tops and dresses. I actually bought it without trying it on first, but sometimes when I see something it’s like I can see how it fits. It was perfect to wear today at the beach with white jeans, very summerish 🙂 image

My boyfriends cousin has a supercute fashion blog that I follow and she always knows what to wear 🙂 If you wanna get some fashion inspiration check it out as there is very cute summeroutfits 🙂



The other day I went to the hairdresser to just cut my splits (which is now my new favourite hairdresser here in Barcelona). It was my second time there and this time I was also able to enjoy their massagechair whilst getting schampooed (as last time I chose to skip the massage due to I was pregnant). The massagechair gives a relaxing back and leg massage and at the same time it does aromatherapy with different colours whilst you listen to sounds of the nature. It ‘s so relaxing and it actually feels more like you are in a massageplace then at the hairdresser :). The girls working there are incredible attentive and kind, and ask all the time if you need anything, another magazine, a coffee, and it’s not very common with so good service in Barcelona. As my hair tends to get very dry I decided to try their treatments, one with protein and one to hydrate, so first they massaged the products into my hair for a long time and then they put a heat treatment for about 20 minutes. When she washed out the masks she did another headmassage before she cut the hair. After the cut you can choose if you want to have curls or straight hair or anything else and they style it for you. So for the second time as my hair is super straight I chose curls again and they make it so beautiful. In the end it was a bit expensive but it was really worth it 🙂