The other day me and my boyfriend went to a spa at a ****hotel to “destress” a little. We have been staying at this hotel before so we knew the spa was good when we bought it, and it was only 19 euro for 2 buying it online! It’s a nice way to relax the body and mind a little in between stressful days 🙂 Just when I entered the spa I already felt so relaxed as the smell of the pools hit my face and the hammam minth smell that I just love made me feel so relaxed!

The spa is really good, they have “stonewalking”, nordic icebath, a session of different showers and pressures of water that you have to walk through, iceroom, hammam sauna and regular sauna, a pool with masagebeds under water and jacuzzis, and then jacuzziz on the side and sunbeds and a dark relaxroom with hot massagebeds. My boyfriend spotted a former FC Barcelona player in the spa so that was also fun 🙂

When we walked home I was sooo relaxed in my body and had to hydrate myself with a frozen yoghurt! And off course when you are feeling so relaxed you don’t really feel like cooking so my boyfriend ordered my favourite: sushi!






Yesterday the weather was super sunny and it really felt like the summer is just around the corner. We drove to Castelldefels in the afternoon to join a nice birthday lunch:) It was a Galician restaurant and as we were many people we sat outside but inside a tent, and the sun was shining in so it almost felt like a hot summerday when you sit in the sun and get burned 🙂 The menu was super good, for starters we had: green peppers, shrimps, octupus, small mussles, tomato bread and fried sardines. For maincourse I had a seafood paella and for dessert a sacher cake. I really loved the seafood, especially the shrimps! After we just relaxed a bit at their beautiful terrace and took some sun. It really was a lovely Saturday:)



Yesterday evening we went to a new-opened restaurant in our area and it was surprisingly good! First when we arrived, there was only us and two other couples, but as soon as we sat down it dropped in more people and while we were waiting for the pizza the restaurant was full, and just when we left there was a line of people waiting. It’s always fun to try a new place and at the same time you are a bit scared to be disappointed because you always have your favourite places, but honestly this four cheese pizza I ordered was one of the best I’ve ever tried! It was a bit different from other four cheese pizzas I’ve tried because this was made with cream, and the blue cheese and mozzarella was just meltingly good. The lamps in the ceiling was also pretty cute 🙂


Sunday Funday

It’s Sunday again and as always the weekend went by so fast. I slept so good last night in our new bed and woke up early to have nutellasandwich and tea with milk and later on a baconbreakfast. I love Sunday breakfasts and to relax with some netflix and chocolate in the sofa.

Yesterday I went out with a friend of mine to see the Swedish final for the Eurovision. First we went to a bar beside called Barcelona Beer Company to just have some patatas bravas and they were delicious. When we finally went to the bar to see the final all the artists had already sung so we kind of missed the whole thing 🙂 But, we had still time to do the eurovision quiz which was very funny but I was really bad at all questions, I haven’t followed Eurovision in a really long time.



This morning I woke up with a cold so I have been home today just relaxing. I started my day at 7 with hot lemon and honey and after I did a smoothie with oatmilk, banana, frozen berries (all kinds), turmeric, cinnamon, coconutoil and chiaseeds to boost my immunesystem a little. Then I went to the supermarket to buy some salad for lunch and strawberries as they are loaded with c-vitamins (and perfect with dark chocolate). Now it’s time for Netflix and a cup of tea and maybe a episode of the good wife if I manage to keep my eyes open 🙂





Best nachos

This weekend went superfast and it’s almost Monday already. I really wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday sometimes as weekends happens to fly away! Yesterday we went to La Maquinista which is a huge shoppingcentre and we had dinner in La Tagliatella where we ate a 4 cheese- and a 7 cheese pizza (which I have blogged about before). It really is the best pizza in Barcelona, they put a lot of cheeses and blue cheese (my favourite) and the crust is very thin just as it should be. As we were tired from Friday night we stayed home watching a new serie on Netflix and I fell asleep in the sofa. Today we took the metro to the centre and went to our favourite nacho place to have lunch, George Payne, it’s a big Irish sportsbar that has good food and a really nice atmosphere. We always eat nachos there (the best in the city) and my boyfriend is crazy about their super spicy chicken wings. The nachos is amazingly tasty with two different cheeses, guacamole, sourcream, spicy sauce and leek on top. After we just went for a coffee to wake up after the dinner 🙂 Tonight is football night and I really hope that we win!






The other day I read that popcorn is one of the few new members of superfood. I never thought that popcorn were unhealthy (only the sugar ones) but on the other side I didn’t expected it to be so beneficial for our health. I really love popcorn and the other day when we went to the cinema it felt wrong not to buy popcorn, because it fits so good together with a movie. The only thing is that you need to pop the popcorn yourself in a pan and without any oil and with as little salt as possible for the popcorn to benefit your health. Apparently popcorn are loaded with antioxidants, it lowers the blood pressure, contains B-vitamins and lowers bad cholesterol. Popcorn is a whole grain (unprocessed) and in recent studies it has even showed to prevent cancer and heart diseases. So I think it’s the perfect snack we can enjoy without feeling guilty eating too much 🙂


These cheddarpopcorn are definitely the most tasty popcorn I have tried (but they don’t sell them here in Spain)