So I’m really hoping that I will gain some weight on this holiday as the scale showed 47 kilos last week and that is really way to little. Before my pregnancy I was at least 52 kilos and I even then I thought that was too little, and then after the pregnancy I went down to 49, but I really don’t understand how I can go so low to 47? I am thinking it could be two things that stops me from gaining weight; one is that I may have too little iron again and I will definitely go and check that when I come back, and second, they say that grief can really mess up your metabolism and I think that is definitely true. I am starting to get a bit frustrated as I feel like I eat whatever I want and I still don’t gain a extra kilo. At the same time I’m trying to stay patient as I think stressing about it too much can also stop me from gaining weight. My goal is to weight 50 kilos before August and hopefully 52 in September. In Tenerife we eat so good food and a lot of bread so I hope the bread makes me gain weight at least 🙂



Pregnancy post 1

I started this blog last year to blog mostly about my pregnancy mixed with health and wellness posts, but unfortunately as we started to get bad news along our pregnancy journey, I wanted to avoid to write anything about it until I knew what was gonna “happen”. It’s still very recent that our baby girl was stillborn (in week 28+3) so for me it is the most sensitive subject I am gonna blog about, but I am gonna make a try as I think it can be helpful for others who unfortunately has been in the same situation as us or a similar one. It seems to be a taboo today to talk about childloss which actually is the hardest thing a parent can go through, so if my blog can help any pregnant woman or any partner in this situation it would make me happy.

After the birth I got a syndrom called Hellp Syndrom, which is a life-threathening pregnancy complication for both the mum and the baby, not even the doctors themselves know really the reason why it occurs. So I’m gonna write a few blog posts about my pregnancy and about the disease from my own experience and perspective.

When me and my boyfriend started to plan to get pregnant there really wasn’t anything more we wanted then to find out I was pregnant, so the day we did the test together in our bathroom was the most nervous thing I’ve ever been through! 2 days before that we were out with our friends having sushi and wine talking about babynames and since I didn’t know if I was pregnant or not I decided not to eat sushi or drink anything just in case we would be lucky this month. And we were lucky. The luckiest. I have never been so happy in my life as that day when it showed us on the test; Embarazada 2-3 (pregnant 2-3 weeks). It was the best feeling in the world to know that we were gonna be parents!

3 months later we published our announcement on Facebook with the cutest picture we took at the beach with our flipflops and a pair of baby flipflops in the middle that we were expecting our baby in February 2017. (Everyone recommended us to wait until 3 months had passed to tell the world and I think it’s a good idea as most miscarriages happens before 12 weeks so it’s just harder in case anything goes wrong if everyone knows). The happiness bubble we were in back then was amazing and cannot be described enough with words, I just felt so blessed everyday I woke up together with my boyfriend and the little one that was growing inside. 2+1 was gonna be 3 🙂

Here is one of the photos of our announcement we took on the beach;


Next post about my pregnancy is gonna be about food and health during my pregnancy.


Monday evening I started to do some squats at home, not many, but at least I can still feel it in my legs, and it feels great! My plan is to start the gym in two weeks so I’m starting slowly at home to get into the exercise rythm again. I haven’t exercised since last May (just before I got pregnant) so it’s gonna be tough, but I feel motivated and that is the most important. My goal is to go three times per week to pilates classes and then also do some squats, abs and powerwalking. Right now I am struggling to gain weight as I lost a few kilos after the pregnancy, but I am sure that after I start the gym I will easier gain some kilos back again. I really love pilates because it tones the body and makes you feel stronger and for me it focus on my areas of the body where I want to improve. Yesterday I went to Primark and I bought some new blue gympants and gymsweater (it always feels better to start the gym when you have something new on).