I love this shirt. It feels like flowers are coming back and I love all flowery tops and dresses. I actually bought it without trying it on first, but sometimes when I see something it’s like I can see how it fits. It was perfect to wear today at the beach with white jeans, very summerish 🙂 image

My boyfriends cousin has a supercute fashion blog that I follow and she always knows what to wear 🙂 If you wanna get some fashion inspiration check it out as there is very cute summeroutfits 🙂


The other evening my boyfriend cooked the most amazing dinner at home, cuttlefish! It felt just like we were back in Tenerife for a second eating cuttlefish at that lovely restaurant in Garachico…We bought it fresh and fried it in the pan with oliveoil for a few minutes and served it with potatoes and garlic/parsley/oil sauce, and had some bread on the side, (perfect to dip in the sauce)! It’s really nice to try new things at home and this was definitely my favourite so far 🙂


Girls just wanna have sun

Oh I can’t wait for the summer to feels like it’s been winter forever now and I’m supertired of my big blue winter jacket. But I’m also looking forward to the spring first as it’s always a nice feeling when the climate starts to change and you can wear more colourful clothes and spend more time outdoors. For me sunshine really is important to feel and stay healthy and it also boosts my immunesystem and my mood and energy throughout the day. I don’t know what is wrong with the weather lately but since November it has been quite windy in Barcelona and also other parts of Spain, even when we were in Tenerife the waves were huge and apparently it was not normal at all with so much wind. It’s gonna keep on raining a few more days but on Friday there is big sun on the weather news 🙂



This island is the most beautiful island I have ever visit as the nature is breathtaking. The air is more fresh and the sun is almost always shining. The landscape is very green with mountains (the highest mountain in Spain;  el Teide) and there is really all kinds of climate here. When we drive from the north to the south up in the mountains it is so high up so you actually drive through the clouds and that is really not something you see every day! I’ve been in Tenerife 6 times now and everytime I just love it more. We were lucky that could have 5 weeks of summer in the winter there and I really miss being there. People are much more friendly and kind (my opinion) then in Barcelona and it just feels like everyone loves their life. I really do understand why so many scandinavians live there a few months per year because the quality of life is so much better then if you live for example in Sweden. If you have been there I think you know what I mean.

I also love the Canarian food and I think for example all the fruits has much more taste then here in Barcelona and maybe it’s because you eat the fruit by season and not so much imported veggies and fruit. They have a lot of fresh fish and seafood selection at restaurants that is delicious but also very cheap.

These photos are from my boyfriends familys bananafarm and they have so many colourful flowers, fruit trees (avocado, papaya, oranges, starfruits etc), palmtrees and lots of bananatrees off course, imagine waking up here every day…








On my boyfriends parents farm they grow a lot of avocadotrees and I’m lucky that always get a bag full of avocado when we go home, maybe not this time since our suitcases are pretty full, but if we have a kilo or two under the limit we can bring a few. It’s so easy to cook with avocado because it fits with most food and there is a lot of variety of dishes. I love avocado on it’s own but I prefer to eat it in a good salad or on a toast instead of butter, or as a snack as guacamole with chips. I also use it for facemasks, just a spoon that I mix with oliveoil or lemon and let it dry on the skin and the face feels amazingly soft after. Sometimes I make a healthy dessert with avocado, I just mix a spoon of chiaseeds, a spoon of cacao, almondmilk and avocado and let it be in a glass in the fridge a few hours and it gets like a chocolate pudding but a healthy one so you can eat as much as you want 🙂

The best thing about this superfruit is that it’s one of the most healthiest to eat as it has healthy fats, lots of potassium (more then bananas), fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.


Beautiful day

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my boyfriend. The weather was really sunny and warm so we went out first to have lunch and then for a walk up to a mountain that is actually a dead volcano. It was really high up with a amazing view and first I was really scared when we started walking as my fear of hights took over, but my boyfriend kept telling me how beautiful the view up there was and kept pushing me to walk to the top, so we walked to the top and it was just soo beautiful!


The lunch we had was at a place called “Algarrobo” here in Tenerife and as always the food was delicious. We had chocos a la plancha with papas sorpresas which is cuttlefish with secret potatoes (that has a secret receipe) and mojo sauce. For starter we had grilled cheese with mojo and for dessert we had chocolate mousse, everything was so good and especially the bread.