Sunday was such a nice afternoon spent in Castelldefels at the beach. My second day at the beach so far this year and even with sunfactor 30 I got a bit sunburned so I had to “cover” it with make-up 🙂 We had lunch with some friends in a beachbar and just relaxed and talked, had icecream and got tanned, really nice day 🙂

My salad was so good; goatcheese with honeyoil and it was served with blueberries and raspberries, so yummie and fresh. It gave me an idea to start make salads with berries, (not just strawberries) but blueberries really fit good with honey and salad, and not to mention raspberries and goatcheese. The others had paella which looked amazing and my boyfriend had fried squids which was supertasty with lemon..Castelldefels beach is so beautiful and so calm compared to Barcelona, I think maybe due to there is much more “space” as the sand is “wider” and with the mountain in the background it just looks very exotic.





Yesterday was a supernice day, not to talk about the weather 🙂 I had a big dose of D-vitamin at the beach which was necessary after the past week we had with the most cold-crazy weather. My friend thought there was a little “too much” people at the beach, well, but it truly was, and it’s gonna be even more crowded in a month when the real season starts. We spent some hours in the sand talking and then we went to have some nice food at the organic wok market just beside the beach. I love their wok with rice noodles, chicken and green curry with coconutmilk, spicy and supertasty.




In the evening me and my boyfriend went to Feria de Abril, a big event in Forum that they celebrate once a year with a lot of flamenco dancing, lots of food and activities. We just walked around eating some churros listening to the nice flamenco music 🙂



I love this shirt. It feels like flowers are coming back and I love all flowery tops and dresses. I actually bought it without trying it on first, but sometimes when I see something it’s like I can see how it fits. It was perfect to wear today at the beach with white jeans, very summerish 🙂 image

My boyfriends cousin has a supercute fashion blog that I follow and she always knows what to wear 🙂 If you wanna get some fashion inspiration check it out as there is very cute summeroutfits 🙂


The other evening my boyfriend cooked the most amazing dinner at home, cuttlefish! It felt just like we were back in Tenerife for a second eating cuttlefish at that lovely restaurant in Garachico…We bought it fresh and fried it in the pan with oliveoil for a few minutes and served it with potatoes and garlic/parsley/oil sauce, and had some bread on the side, (perfect to dip in the sauce)! It’s really nice to try new things at home and this was definitely my favourite so far 🙂


Miss Sushi

I had a sushi craving (not surprisingly) last week and went with my sister &Co to have dinner in Miss Sushi, the pink sushi place. Everything really is pink inside, big pink sofas and chairs, almost a little too much of pink but anyway the sushi is really amazing! We had a nice last evening together, as a week of visit always goes too fast.