Today I decided to start getting back on my healthy track so I went to the supermarket and bought a lot of healthy superfoods and even skipped the candy and chocolate shelfs (jeeej). I’m gonna stop eating candy and chemical sweets and only allow myself to eat my favourite dark chocolate instead as that I can eat with moderation (and I believe dark chocolate is a superfood). Lately my skin has been looking very tired and redish and I can’t figure out what it could be if it’s because of stress or something or maybe something that I eat? I’m pretty sure it will look and feel much better if I start to eat and drink more healthy again. In Tenerife we ate a lot of yummie seafoods, fish and avocados and I just feel so much better eating healthy and I also enjoy eating more when I know it only does good for my body.

This morning I started my “old” routine again, warm water with a half squeezed lemon and honey before breakfast. It cleanse out the toxins and waste in the body so this is a must do for me now every day. The best thing is that the skin also gets more glowing by doing this 🙂

My favourite superfoods that I like to have at home are; salmon, real greek yoghurt, chiaseeds, black grapes, papaya, kiwi, garlic, lemons, coconutoil, blueberries, walnuts, pistachos, sunflowerseeds, pumpkinseeds, eggs, almonds, oliveoil, turmeric, peppers, avocados, apples, strawberries, green tea, chicken, tahini, goatcheese, ginger, honey, goyiberries, green leafs… the list can be very long!

Todays healthy snack after breakfast and before lunch:



Today Sunday was my second visit at Can Dendé brunchplace with 6 girlfriends from work. It’s amazing that we finally managed to meet All of us at same time since we always work different weekends or hours. The brunch was supernice, I had bagel with smoked salmon, cremecheese & spinach and with raffles potatoes, so yummie. The girls had poached eggs with bacon or salmon and pink lemonade in marmelade jars. The first time we were there was in November and then I had pancakes with banana and nutella so it was more like a dessert 🙂 It is a very small but cozy place and you have to wait at least one hour for a table but I think it’s worth it. They make the most beautiful coffee!




On my boyfriends parents farm they grow a lot of avocadotrees and I’m lucky that always get a bag full of avocado when we go home, maybe not this time since our suitcases are pretty full, but if we have a kilo or two under the limit we can bring a few. It’s so easy to cook with avocado because it fits with most food and there is a lot of variety of dishes. I love avocado on it’s own but I prefer to eat it in a good salad or on a toast instead of butter, or as a snack as guacamole with chips. I also use it for facemasks, just a spoon that I mix with oliveoil or lemon and let it dry on the skin and the face feels amazingly soft after. Sometimes I make a healthy dessert with avocado, I just mix a spoon of chiaseeds, a spoon of cacao, almondmilk and avocado and let it be in a glass in the fridge a few hours and it gets like a chocolate pudding but a healthy one so you can eat as much as you want 🙂

The best thing about this superfruit is that it’s one of the most healthiest to eat as it has healthy fats, lots of potassium (more then bananas), fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.


Beautiful day

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my boyfriend. The weather was really sunny and warm so we went out first to have lunch and then for a walk up to a mountain that is actually a dead volcano. It was really high up with a amazing view and first I was really scared when we started walking as my fear of hights took over, but my boyfriend kept telling me how beautiful the view up there was and kept pushing me to walk to the top, so we walked to the top and it was just soo beautiful!


The lunch we had was at a place called “Algarrobo” here in Tenerife and as always the food was delicious. We had chocos a la plancha with papas sorpresas which is cuttlefish with secret potatoes (that has a secret receipe) and mojo sauce. For starter we had grilled cheese with mojo and for dessert we had chocolate mousse, everything was so good and especially the bread.





I have decided to clean out my closet when we come back from our holidays. I don’t know why I always need to keep the clothes that I actually never wear, and I know I’m not gonna wear them next year either as I didn’t even wore them this year so they just take up a lot of space under the bed (under the whole bed) and in the wardrobe. We invested in two huge wardrobes so it’s not that we don’t have enough space, but still, I don’t see the point to keep clothes and shoes in there that we don’t use.

Once I was watching the Oprah show on how you know what clothes to throw out and it’s actually very simple, you just hang the clothes on the hanger in the wardrobe, but instead you hang the hangers little hook reverse (pointing at you). So, her point was that as we always take out the clothes on the hanger easily we can see what we usually wear in the wardrobe, but the clothes with the hanger reverse will probably just hang there and then we can see maybe after a month or two what clothes we have not even used, and it can be a guidance to see what you need to toss or keep.

It probably sounds silly but I get emotional when I have to throw things out or give away, because I have so much memories attached with it. For example, my black and white leggings I used to wear (a lot) when I got to know my boyfriend and when we got together so they have a special meaning for that period of time and also that he used to make a lot of fun of them 🙂 But in the end I know it’s just things, and as we buy new things we cannot keep everything.

I got so spoiled this christmas so I’m almost coming home with a whole new wardrobe so that’s why I am very excited to make everything look nice and tidy at home and be more organised for the new year. I have been trying to sell some clothes, bags and shoes on the Wallapop app but I find it very timeconsuming so I will need to find a place to give clothes away instead. I still have all the bags I bought in Australia (when I was a shopaholic) and I think they look so pretty, but if I don’t ever use them it’s much better that someone else will.


Canarian food

I really Love the food here in Tenerife and I think the tapas food is much more tasty than in Barcelona. The restaurants in Tenerife are also much more generous with the portions so you don’t have to order so much as the plates are big and also much cheaper. His mum makes amazing food and my absolute favourite is pulpo a la gallega which is octopus. I still haven’t learned how to cook it but I would love to learn how to make it, so hopefully she will cook it again before we go home (then I will write about it on the blog). This plate is not from Canarian Island as the name also tells, but for me as I always eat it when I am here I associate it with Tenerife.

The famous potatoes are called “papas arrugadas” (wrinkly potatoes) and are used from a potato called “papa bonita”(beautiful potato). They cook it with a LOT of salt and it’s like they have a little crust of salt when you eat them. Then you can eat it with the Canarian sauce called “mojo” which can be green or red depending on the ingredients. When we go to the south of Tenerife we always eat fresh fish with potatoes and mojo and it’s just delicious! I always think that it’s the best fish and potato I’ve ever tried everytime we eat.





I really love snacks and I probably eat more snacks than “real” food like lunch or dinner in a day. I think it’s because when I grew up we could always go to the fridge and eat whatever we wanted and as I did not eat much food when I was little (and still don’t) I ate more snacks. I probably eat 2-3 portions of snacks in a day and I always feel like my body is so used to it as it makes me feel better when I don’t eat too much at once.

I have a few favourite snacks that I like to eat between food that are pretty healthy:

– Sandwich with goatcheese and honey or marmelade (im in love with papayamarmelade for the moment that I bought here in a market in Tenerife and it has a taste almost like Swedish gingercookies)

– Fruitsalad! I love all kinds of fruit so I just mix 2 or 3 fruits that I have at home (now I am just waiting for the strawberry season that starts in January)

– Avocado with bread, sometimes I can just eat a avocado with some sea salt on top and it taste amazing on it’s own

– Dark chocolate (just a few pieces..) with tea and almonds

– Smoothie with banana and any kind of frozen berries and milk

– Coconut water and a bowl of papaya (or blueberries)

– Greek yoghurt with berries, or honey and Chiaseeds

Sometimes when I am out in the city or maybe in a shopping center and need some fast energy then my favourite snack is a smoothie with lots of fruits. I always find it hard to find healthy snacks out as most takeaway things are already prepared or very sweet, so I think a smoothie is the best option to buy and the easiest to take away. I also like to have dark chocolate with me in my bag in case I have low energy and sometimes I also bring almonds or a banana to get energy.