Good morning! I can’t believe I’m up so early and blogging 🙂 Woke up at 06.30 and started with my old routine again; hot water with lemon and honey before breakfast, and it was my boyfriends idea so I love that he also drinks it now so I have a reason to wake up before he goes to work and prepare it. In the past I used to drink this every morning and I always got compliments on my skin so I am happy to start with it again and hopefully my skin will look much better as well.

About my new routine with lemonwater, it’s just so beneficial for your body and it’s just half of a lemon and you can add honey if you want or cinnamon, ginger or just mix all of the ingredients, the water should not be boiling hot as then it actually takes away most benefits. The lemonwater works to flush out lots of toxins from the body and it’s especially good just after we wake up so it’s detoxifying before we start our new day. It’s also diuretic so it eliminates extra fluids in the body, it increases the metabolism which means that it actually can burn fat, it increase protection for allergies such as pollen, it relieves soar throat, cough and constipation and it can help to prevent urineinfections and acne. It really is a cheap and easy way to detox your body 🙂

If I have some lemon left over I also mix it with sugar to exfoliate my face once a week and after I put on some coconutoil to feel supermoisturized.




Today I woke up and had a tea and chocolatecake for breakfast in bed as it was a storm outside mixed with rain so it was just so much cozier to stay in bed for a while. Sundays for me can be a bit emotional, but today I tried my best to cheer up. I put on music and organized the bathroom and the wardrobe and also fixed with our photos on the iMac as I had managed to import them yesterday from my phone. For sunday dinner me and my boyfriend ordered my favourite…Sushi! I just love it so much that I could eat it everyday, the combination of wasabi and soya is just perfect with salmon.

Sushi for two 🙂



This morning I did a smoothie to boost my body as I think I’m getting a cold. Poor my boyfriend already got sick so yesterday I gave him a drink of hot water, half of a lemon, turmeric, cinnamon and honey and hoped it will help him a little. It boosts the immunesystem as turmeric is anti-inflammatory, but the best result is to drink it everyday and also in advance to prevent flues and colds. Turmeric is one of the best spice for almost everything so I’m gonna start adding it more in food and smoothies.

Today my boosting smoothie was made of; organic oatmilk (I usually don’t care to buy organic but this was the only one they had with oats), turmeric, cinnamon, strawberries, banana and fresh ginger. I usually make it with milk but oatmilk is a healthy option.




It’s been a few crazy cold days here in Barcelona and I saw on the news that in Huesca in Spain it has been -23 degrees! There is a lot of snow in Valencia and Málaga so definitely not a normal winterclimate in Spain at all. We had to have the househeating on more then ever and even in the night, so imagine it’s really cold inside! I just wanna stay in watching movies, eat chocolate and be cozy in the sofa under all the blankets.





I have not been drinking any coffee at all since last May (since I stopped drinking caffeine when I was pregnant) but I really love coffee so now I have started again and I have to say it is very addicting. Last Christmas my boyfriend gave me a coffee mashine called Tassimo so we buy the little Tassimo packages with different coffees and even tea and it’s delicious! It’s nice to wake up and make real espresso coffee at home with steamed milk and the coffee just smells so good. This morning I read an article with all the benefits we get from coffee, so believe it or not it is actually healthy (in moderation off course). Among some of the benefits according to science is that coffee can prevent diabetes 2 and Parkinson disease, it contains magnesium, potassium, it burns fat, it fights against depression and can lower the risk of getting cancer. But what surprised me the most is that we get more antioxidants from coffee than from fruit and vegetables. So I guess having one coffee per day is not that bad 🙂

Yesterday we stopped for a coffee at Farggis after being tired of shopping;



It’s so exciting that we are gonna do a makeover in our bedroom! The other day we went to IKEA and we found a bed that we will buy with a supercomfortable mattress. The bed is in white colour so it matches with our wardrobes and it has this supersmart thing that you just lift up the bed and you have soo much storage underneath. I love it because then we can store our clothes we don’t use by season and all our towels and bedlinens. We will also buy a white table to have underneath the TV on the wall that matches the table we have in the living room, and a new bed table and a new lamp for the roof. I think it will look amazing when it’s done 🙂 We finally bought curtains for the bedroom from La Mallorquina and I just love them, they are sandbeige/golden colour with some small stripes and they give so much life and warmth to the room. Then we have been thinking about printing a photo of probably the sunset or the farm in Tenerife and either make a big canvas painting or a big glasspainting, not sure yet what will look better above the bed. ?

Me and my boyfriend has this thing that we don’t like to buy everything at Ikea because everyone always has the same things and then it doesn’t feel very special. So I think it’s better to buy decorations and some furnitures in other stores so it doesn’t look like a complete Ikea catalogue at home 🙂 A great shop were we have bought our little designchair, bathroomfurnitures and photoframes is “Casa” which has a lot of decorations and sometimes cute furnitures. I also like “Muy Mucho” for small decorations such as flowers and teacups, and off course “Zara Home” always has beautiful things (but a little bit expensive for what it is).

Our livingroom table is from Ikea and the decorations are from Casa and Muy Mucho;




It’s finally strawberry season in Spain so today I bought the first ones. I love strawberries especially dipped in chocolate but what I also love is strawberries in a salad. My own favourite is to mix them with honey, balsamvinegar, olive oil and salt, it probably sounds strange but I swear it’s a perfect combination of flavours for any salad. They are full of C vitamins and iron, which I need to eat a lot of now to prevent having anemia again.

Todays lunch; salad, salmon, strawberries, almonds and black grapes