It’s finally strawberry season in Spain so today I bought the first ones. I love strawberries especially dipped in chocolate but what I also love is strawberries in a salad. My own favourite is to mix them with honey, balsamvinegar, olive oil and salt, it probably sounds strange but I swear it’s a perfect combination of flavours for any salad. They are full of C vitamins and iron, which I need to eat a lot of now to prevent having anemia again.

Todays lunch; salad, salmon, strawberries, almonds and black grapes




The small things

For me it has always been the small things in the day that makes me appreciate life even more. I have a small list of things that always enlights my day.

Sunsets are one of my favourite things, it’s like a beautiful painting in the sky that I could look at for hours and from now on I am very sure that our little angel Emma is painting all the pink colours in the sky.

When my boyfriend says “I love you” I always feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world and so grateful that we are together. He is just the best thing in the world ❤

Candles always create a cozy atmosphere in any room and even better with a vanilla sentence (like the ones we bought today in Ikea). There is nothing cosier then lots of lighted candles now in the winter.

Dark chocolate…

A cup of my favourite tea and watching a serie on Netflix. I love those evenings when it’s cold outside and we can just sit in our cozy sofa with lighted candles and watching movies together.

Photos, I love taking photos but also editing photos or looking at all photos I have (I probably do that a lot).

Beautiful sunset in playa de arena in Tenerife ❤



Good Morning Tuesday! This weekend went so fast I can barely remember it. My parents arrived last Thursday so Friday evening I went out to have dinner with them at the Italian sportsbar close to us. They have delicious pizzas and it’s a nice atmosphere. Saturday we went to a birthday party, it was nice to see some people from work and the cake was so good, some kind of 3 chocolate-layer cake. Sunday (funday) we drove up to Tibidabo and saw the beautiful view over the city. The themepark was closed so only the church was open but still there was quite a lot of people with their cameras and selfiesticks:) It was freezingly cold up there (4 degrees) and honestly I think I was a little hangover from the B-day party to fully enjoy the view. I usually don’t get hangover from  2 glasses of wine but since I hadn’t had any drinks in over 8 or 9 months I guess I was a bit. So after we drove back to eat at McDonalds:)




I’m going to bed in this cozy sweater everyday now when it’s cold and it really is the warmest pijamas sweater I’ve ever had (and it’s cute). My boyfriend and I went to the Oysho shop in November and he bought this one + a warm bathrobe for me to be cozy at home but most of all warm (since we kind of have 10 degrees indoors). Today I went to Oysho fast to check in the sales and they really have lots of “unnessesary” cute items that I just want and some really nice gymsweaters 🙂 image


Today I decided to start getting back on my healthy track so I went to the supermarket and bought a lot of healthy superfoods and even skipped the candy and chocolate shelfs (jeeej). I’m gonna stop eating candy and chemical sweets and only allow myself to eat my favourite dark chocolate instead as that I can eat with moderation (and I believe dark chocolate is a superfood). Lately my skin has been looking very tired and redish and I can’t figure out what it could be if it’s because of stress or something or maybe something that I eat? I’m pretty sure it will look and feel much better if I start to eat and drink more healthy again. In Tenerife we ate a lot of yummie seafoods, fish and avocados and I just feel so much better eating healthy and I also enjoy eating more when I know it only does good for my body.

This morning I started my “old” routine again, warm water with a half squeezed lemon and honey before breakfast. It cleanse out the toxins and waste in the body so this is a must do for me now every day. The best thing is that the skin also gets more glowing by doing this 🙂

My favourite superfoods that I like to have at home are; salmon, real greek yoghurt, chiaseeds, black grapes, papaya, kiwi, garlic, lemons, coconutoil, blueberries, walnuts, pistachos, sunflowerseeds, pumpkinseeds, eggs, almonds, oliveoil, turmeric, peppers, avocados, apples, strawberries, green tea, chicken, tahini, goatcheese, ginger, honey, goyiberries, green leafs… the list can be very long!

Todays healthy snack after breakfast and before lunch:



Today Sunday was my second visit at Can Dendé brunchplace with 6 girlfriends from work. It’s amazing that we finally managed to meet All of us at same time since we always work different weekends or hours. The brunch was supernice, I had bagel with smoked salmon, cremecheese & spinach and with raffles potatoes, so yummie. The girls had poached eggs with bacon or salmon and pink lemonade in marmelade jars. The first time we were there was in November and then I had pancakes with banana and nutella so it was more like a dessert 🙂 It is a very small but cozy place and you have to wait at least one hour for a table but I think it’s worth it. They make the most beautiful coffee!