Avocado smoothie

A healthy smoothie I’ve really fallen for is avocado and banana smoothie with almondmilk. It’s the most simple to make, one banana, one or 2 glasses of almondmilk and a half avocado (or a whole one if it’s small). It taste more like a dessert than a drink and it taste naturally sweet so no need at all to add any¬†sugar. It is a perfect combination of vitamins and the avocado makes my skin supersoft as well.





When me and my best friend was living in Australia we discovered the most amazing Bananabread and was really addicted to it for a while (it was a perfect breakfast ūüôą). I used to buy a package of Bananabread with walnuts almost every day and it was definitely the best banana cake I have ever¬†tried.

The other day I found a receipe of a bananabread with frosting and baked it. The only problem was that I misunderstood what kind of bakingpan to use so it never got baked on the inside even if¬†it was inside for almost 50 minutes. ūüėā The day after I baked it again using the¬†right baking pan and I added the frosting on the top on half of the cake but then¬†we all agreed that I have to bake it again without the frosting. But the cake was really tasty and I think it has a lot to do with what bananas you use as they give the cake the flavour, so Canarian bananas are definitely much better than other bananas. Today¬†it seems to be a perfect baking day as it is Raining! At home in Barcelona I used to bake bananamuffins from another receipe but I¬†think I will use the bananabread receipe and just make muffins instead.

Here is a link to the receipe but the frosting I made was from a carrotcake receipe so it was philadephia cheese mixed with lemon, glace sugar and butter instead:




I just love waking up early and have breakfast, it really is the best meal of the day and also the most important to start your day with energy (at least it is for me). Here in Tenerife im getting spoiled everyday with fresh orange juice and new baked baguette and its really a big difference when you eat¬†fresh then “readybought”.

Some people can just have a coffee and go to work and not eat anything until lunch, but times I tried to do the same or if I really did not had time to eat breakfast I noticed that my mood changed to the worse and I got “hangry” ( angry and hungry). I have also read that the people who don’t have breakfast tends to be more obese than people who regularly eats breakfast and it makes sence as when you dont eat, your body is craving for energy in forms of anything unhealthy with sugar to replace the food with. I think a consistent¬†breakfast should have some hot drink with or without caffeine, some fruit or berries, some protein like egg, ham or cheese and some form of fat like greek yoghurt, cheese or nuts.¬†I have a few favourite¬†breakfasts¬†that I really love to have with tea in the mornings:

Bananapancake with cinnamon

Greek yoghurt with sunflowerseeds, chiaseeds, turmeric, cinnamon, honey and banana or blueberries (or both)

Sandwich with goatcheese, honey and walnuts

Sandwich with tahinispread or peanutbutter and a smoothie on the side

And..my favourite breakfast on the weekend is when me and my boyfriend both are off and we cook bacon (and sometimes eggs), we bake croissants in the oven with Nutella and a teapot with english tea or a caffelatte in the coffee mashine. It’s really nice those days when you have a lot of time and you can relax and have breakfast watching Tv before you start your day ūüôā




I just love chocolate and I eat or drink some¬†form of chocolate everyday. I am a true believer¬†that chocolate makes us happier and there is severals studies that actually proves that (Google it) + many more benefits for our health and body. I used to be very addicted to only eat dark chocolate over 70% before but now I got into a bad habit of eating milk¬†chocolate which I know for fact is worse then dark as it contains so much more sugar. Dark chocolate also contains sugar off course¬†but a secret to find out how you know if it is more “real” chocolate is to read on the ingredients what ingredient it contains first. If the ingredients starts with sugar and not cacao¬†then you know that it has more sugar than actual chocolate, its very simple. The chocolate that has been my favourite for many years is Lindt 70% and it only has a few ingredients (not packed with strange chemicals) and it really taste chocolate and not so much¬†sugar.

This picture I took in the garden of my boyfriend parents of their cacao tree and the cacaobeans (it looks like a avocado but I asure it is a chocolate tree) ūüėä




This morning I did a 2 minute quick peeling on my hands which now looks more glowing and feels supersoft.

I usually always mix a spoon of honey, a spoon of oliveoil and 2 spoons of sugar and then just scrub it on my fingers and hands for about 2 minutes and then rinse¬†with water. This is really useful in the winter or when you wash your hands a lot and my hands tends¬†to get dry very easily no matter if its summer or winter. If I have time I usually do a handmask of honey and oliveoil after and let it be for about 10 minutes but then I have to stay in the bathroom and not use my iPhone ūüôą (if not I get oil and honey everywhere).

The best thing about this peeling is that you dont have to buy a peeling as you probably have all the ingredients at home already.



Something I always tell myself is that I need to start reading again and now I have finally got stucked in this book The Girl On The Train or La Chica Del Tren (as I am reading it in Spanish). The book is actually still on the cinema and the trailer looks very exciting so I guess I have to see it when the movie comes out to rent. Yesterday evening before the sunset my boyfriend went fishing with his dad so I went to the beach with my book to read. It was a lot of people at the beach that time but anyway it was so relaxing to just sit there and be completely stuck in this novel and be able to see the amazing sunset before I went home. Life quality.




Today I woke up early as every day since we came here¬†(at 08.00)! But luckily I went back to bed and slept until 10.30 which makes more sence on a Saturday ūüôā I love staying here in the south of Tenerife and waking up to the sound of the waves from the sea. Its so peaceful and relaxing here, and having breakfast at the terrace to this amazing sea view is really a true luxury. Fresh orange juice, mint tea and new baked baguette while looking at the palmtrees and the sea, just amazing!¬†imageimage