Something I always tell myself is that I need to start reading again and now I have finally got stucked in this book The Girl On The Train or La Chica Del Tren (as I am reading it in Spanish). The book is actually still on the cinema and the trailer looks very exciting so I guess I have to see it when the movie comes out to rent. Yesterday evening before the sunset my boyfriend went fishing with his dad so I went to the beach with my book to read. It was a lot of people at the beach that time but anyway it was so relaxing to just sit there and be completely stuck in this novel and be able to see the amazing sunset before I went home. Life quality.




Today I woke up early as every day since we came here (at 08.00)! But luckily I went back to bed and slept until 10.30 which makes more sence on a Saturday 🙂 I love staying here in the south of Tenerife and waking up to the sound of the waves from the sea. Its so peaceful and relaxing here, and having breakfast at the terrace to this amazing sea view is really a true luxury. Fresh orange juice, mint tea and new baked baguette while looking at the palmtrees and the sea, just amazing! imageimage


When I am home visiting family and friends in Sweden we go out so many times for a “fika” which means that you have a coffee and cake and stay talking sometimes for Hours! Its a big thing in Sweden and I guess it has a lot of things to do with the weather, there is not much else to do. I just really like to sit and relax over fika and talk about everything with friends.

If I have the chance to have a freshly squeezed juice from natural ingredients I would skip the coffee. With my mum and sister we went to this café a few times that has a beautiful terrace in the middle of the city centre and all pastries are home made and they make the best fresh juices I tried. My favourite juice in this place was simply made of oranges, apple and ginger, but lots of ginger that really burns when you drink it. Its supergood and especially when you eat something really sweet on the side. Next year I will really try to wake up early and make a fresh juice before work.




Im a real fan of smoothies. When I met my boyfriend I practically lived on smoothies. He knows I like it so much he gave me a blender as I only had a handmixer which is also very good but its so much easier to blend frozen berries in a real glassblender.

Its healthy, easy and fast to prepare. Sometimes after work when Im super hungry I just mix a banana and almondmilk and its done! Then I can continue to make dinner with more energy. You can blend anything from avocados, papaya, frozen berries and mix with your favourite drink whether its soy, almondmilk, milk, water or juice. Its so easy and energizing! It also taste extra good when drinking from a marmelade glass cup 🙂




Banana pancake

For me this is a perfect snack, breakfast or after workout meal that is healthy and full of protein and potassio. Also sometimes when I feel like something sweet but I know I should eat something healthy then this is so easy breezy to make, just mash a banana with a fork, add 2 eggs and fry it in a little bit of coconut oil. Just sprinkle some cinnamon on top as it is pretty sweet because of the banana flavour so no need to add any sugar.  Sometimes I match the pancake with a smoothie on the side to get some extra vitamines with frozen mixed berries and almondmilk.